GeoBackcountry Rogers Pass Addendum

All photographs and documents are Copyright 1994-2018 Douglas Sproul. Only personal, non commercial use is allowed.

These sets are either addendum's or corrections for the Geobackcountry Rogers Pass book & map. They are meant to used with the book and map along with the Disclaimer.

Tupper Designated Access Route

The ACCESS KMZ and EGRESS KMZ are separate files containing different images & info for their perspective direction of travel.

Connaught & Lookout Paths & Tupper Designated Access Route

The Connaught and Lookout Paths are not easy to get good photos of. Finally got some good ones so here they are.

Route 49 Lookout Path

Route 50 Connaught Path

Route 51 Tupper Traverse. Exit via Connaught Path East


Flat Creek Designated Access Route

Not sure how this happened but it did. The Flat Creek Designated Access Route shown in the Rogers Pass book and map is not correct. The route does NOT go to the second bridge as the book and map show, it goes to the first bridge. Please see the files below for updated location info.

Download the updated Flat Creek DAR .kmz

Note the lack of spaces in the file name as flatcreekdar. This is intentional. It is recommended to retain this name for mobile phone use, otherwise, many phones will not open the file.

 Flat Creek DAR Correction 1

Flat Creek DAR Correction 1

 Flat Creek DAR Correction 2

Flat Creek DAR Correction 2

Replacement Page 001 GeoBackcountry Rogers Pass.jpg

GeoBackcountry Rogers Pass Replacement Pages - December, 2016


Replacement Pages 032-035 GeoBackcountry Rogers Pass.pdf


Replacement Pages 144, 145, 147, 148, 156, 163, 168, 169 GeoBackcountry Rogers Pass.pdf


The Dome

This suggestion is from a local, extremely knowledgeable mountain guide whom I greatly respect. The conversation went something like this: "Why did you have to put the fuckin line down the Dome Roll?" There are lots of dangerous routes in the book and you may have noticed that there is not a lot of hand-holding going on with the descriptions. This suggestion however, I thought was a good one and worthy of mention due to the extreme popularity of the route and the obvious, less exposed variation. The Dome Roll is a massive convex roll, on glacial ice to boot. It's a wicked line and totally awesome with good stability. Just think it's worth pointing out that the uptrack route is a much safer option if conditions aren't prime for the roll. Thanks Scott!

There are basically three ways to exit The Dome.

1. South Exit: If you ascended via The Mousetrap, go back the way you came. Pretty unaesthetic and traversy, but it works.

2. The Dome Headwall: Serious business here but incredible lines if you've done your homework and these days, they are being shredded on a regular basis although, I suspect by a small group of folks. Steep terrain, pillows, cliffs and water-ice make scoping this option prior to descent, mandatory. It's easy to scope and take pics on approach if you're coming from the Asulkan side. See the book & map for more info.

3. North Exit: Follows the trimline of the headwall avy path along the north edge, under The Rampart. Steep water-ice directly on skier's right of the line so it's best to stay close to the trimline. There are options to get to the trimline but the two most popular are either to descend the Dome Gully and cut over at the bottom or, traverse over sooner from higher which allows for sweet turns on approach through morainal features. See the images here as well as the book and map for more info.

Copper Peaks